Secure HIPAA Compliant Video Call

Enjoy a peace of mind using HIPAA compliant secure and encrypted telehealth service. Meet with your patients securely in their locations over any cellular network.

  • Secured
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Ability To Record

Multiple Browser Support

Outstanding telehealth experience, optimized to deliver the best quality video calling service over different industry-standard web browsers. No matter which browser your patient’s device has, you will be able to communicate clearly and efficiently.

Time-stamped Session Login

Patient scheduling, text and email automatic reminders, time-stamped links and codes to access the room and more, are all smart features that will impress your patients and improve your revenue stream.

Visit Notification

Stop recurring revenue loss due to patient no-shows. VisitTek automatic appointment reminder uses email and text to help reduce the no-shows to the point near elimination without getting your practice team burdened.

  • Email
  • Text
  • Automatic

Interactive Waiting Room

Because we know patients might miss the face to face interaction with their doctor, at VisitTek, we made sure to provide a seamless experience of patient waiting and calling through staged screens that will help streamline the patient visit experience.

Smart Provider Notes

Efficiently create and manage provider notes. Record SOAP and other types of clinical notes easily during the visit. Notes will be automatically saved to a database securely and later can be exported to multiple file formats.

Direct Content Access

Access and share resources and graphic files within the session screen, not just through screen sharing. This will provide patients with seamless experience to get doctors to focus on patient care, not on how to manage files.

Friendly Direct Pay

Improve your practice bottom line. VisitTek will enable your telehealth application to securely and easily accepts direct payments from major payment card companies prior to the start of the visit.

Billing Capabilities

Includes billing capabilities, with entries being saved to a database and exportable to CSV.

Exportable provider notes (PDF, DOC and more…)

Access, print and export visits history and more…

Customizable Interface

Customizing the cloud interface with your own practice identity (Name, Logo, Brand) will create a professional presence for your practice, not just offering your patients another video calling service.

User Profile Management

Bring the entire team onboard with VisitTek multi-profile management. Give more care to your patient by providing more accessibility to more team members. Divide the workload between different clinical staff members and streamline your workflow.

  • Multiple Profile Management
  • Secure Access

Complete Visits History

Access and retrieve visits history at any time. Your notes and other visit elements are securely stored in an online database system that allows for complete history retrieval and export at any given point in time.